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Painting class Atelier Bonbon

Painting class
​Atelier Bonbon

Ota-kuartSchool -Lessons - Art atelier for adults and children

Art school for adults and children in Yukitani, Ota Ward

Feel free to start making art!

Now recruiting members!!

Please join us for a trial session!

​We look forward to your inquiries.

Pink Sugar
Currently featured in "Ota Ward Cram School/Cram School Raking" of the educational media "Terra Koya Plus"!
Pink Sugar
Painting class Atelier Bonbon class schedule

Fun Creative!! Free imagination!!

​Let's have fun and freely expand our image for both adults and children! !

A place where both adults and children can freely engage in art activities.

 welcome to 
Painting class for adults and children Atelier Bonbon

Monthly~You can come empty-handed
With parents and children/couples

You can start doing art.
・Adult 2 hours
・Elementary school students 1 hour 30 minutes
・Infant 1 hour

(*Those who are joining the infant class)
Children who can spend time alone without parents,
Only children who can use the toilet by themselves are allowed. )

depending on the number of months
Freely create what you want
You can make it.

``I'm not good at drawing, but I want to draw! "or
``I want to seriously try painting on canvas! Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Do things together that are easy to do

Let's take on the challenge!

We have trial classes available!
Please join us!

Trial class ¥3,300


Painting class

​Class introduction

From children to adults, beginners can also try using acrylic paints on canvas or panels.
Students will draw pictures, create things using clay, observe things in nature, and freely create things themed around music and history.
toddler class

Infant class
Children develop their sensibilities while playing and feeling nature and the four seasons.
​We will mainly develop the basics for drawing and crafting.


 Painting class scene

小学生クラス (低学年)




adult class
I want you to return to your childhood and enjoy expressing yourself.
Creating is a way to relieve daily stress,
This will lead to improved image power.
​It's time to face what you like.
​Let's keep challenging ourselves using various art supplies!

Blurred picture

“Waldorf education”
​We are hiring
Blurred picture
(Wet painting)


At Atelier Bonbon,
We actively incorporate Steiner's art education.
We will cultivate a mind that observes and feels nature.

●● Wet painting●●
Painting is one of the methods of Waldorf art education.
The brightness of transparent colors that spreads with the water resonates with the heart of the artist and affects their vitality.


​ Representative Satomi Otaki

Painter Bommi


Thoughts on Atelier Bonbon....

My name is Satomi Otaki and I am the representative of Atelier Bonbon.

Thank you for visiting Atelier Bonbon's website.


Please allow me to briefly introduce myself and the thoughts behind Atelier Bonbon.


I have loved drawing since I was little.

I studied classical ballet from the age of 3 to 13.

My dream for the future was to be a ballerina.


Since I was in junior high and high school, I have been fascinated by street dance, influenced by music and especially American culture.


For high school, choose a local high school specializing in art,

I learned the basics of art.


I have loved art and dance ever since I was young!


I still continue to create works,

I love art;

Art always saves me!

Expressing yourself can give courage to others and is connected to gaining self-confidence.


I continue to work as an artist, but other than having my artwork seen,

“I want people to know more about the goodness of art!”

“I want to interact with many people through art!”

With this in mind, I launched Atelier Bonbon.


"Graffiti is also a great art"

"Everyone is a special artist"

I want it to be a place where everyone can feel confident!


For adults....


When you become an adult, it is difficult to take on challenges,

There are various ties,

I think there are times when I lose sight of myself.
I loved times like that when I was a kid.

I want them to immerse themselves in things like "drawing" and "crafts."

Also, for those who feel that they are not good at drawing,
Let's take on the challenge together!

I would like people to experience art by enjoying it.



To the children....


For the children living today, we will not lose to AI.

I think humor and imagination are important.

Studying at school is also important, but

Not in AI

I think it's about cultivating individuality and creativity.

Through art, I would like to help people nurture their individuality.

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