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About Atelier Bonbon....


“Develop individuality/Originality”



Once a month ~ You can attend empty-handed.
Painting class Parents, children, and couples can start learning art together.
・Adult 2 hours
・Elementary school students 1 hour 30 minutes
・Infants: 1 hour (*Limited to those who are joining the infant class. Children who can spend time alone without a guardian or who can use the toilet by themselves.)
You are free to create whatever you want depending on the number of times a month. ``I'm not good at drawing, but I want to draw! ” and “I want to seriously try painting on canvas!” Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
Let's take on challenges together!
We have trial classes available!
Please join us!
Trial class ¥3,300​

watercolor artist
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At Atelier Bonbon,We actively incorporate Steiner's art education.
We will cultivate a mind that observes and feels nature.
In particular, early childhood is the time to develop a child's will.Enjoy colors as you wish with the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow.
When wet, the colors shine vividly.

Experiencing the beautiful colors filled with vitality over and over again isCultivate a rich mind and let your imagination overflow.
Your sense of color and imagination will expand, and you will learn the basics of drawing.
Also for adults who are not good at drawing.You can enjoy it because it is easy to make.

●● Wet painting●●
Ojimi-e is one of the methods of Waldorf art education.
The brightness of transparent colors that spreads with the water resonates with the heart of the artist and affects their vitality.

​ Adults and children alike can enjoy ART
A place to challenge
​Atelier Bonbon


You can create art together with active artists.

While observing nature and the four seasons and cultivating sensitivity.

I will create art.

Even beginners can easily experience art.

Now, ​ let's enjoy art together at Atelier Bonbon!

​Lecture introduction


Satomi Otaki


Drawing & Painting

Graduated from Sakushin Gakuin High School Art Design Department

After entering a dance vocational school,

Studied abroad in NY, USA.

After returning to Japan, he began his career as a writer.


I gave birth to my daughter in 2016.

Resumed writing activities in 2018.

In 2019, he established the art class and served as a lecturer.

2021 Painting/sculpture class Atelier Bonbon open~

Exhibition calendar

2011 YOUNG ARTIST JAPAN Vol.4 Roppongi

2011 Design Festa Vol.34 Tokyo Big Sight


2013 GEISAI 

2013 gallery Art Point new year exhibition Ginza

2013 gallery Art Point ERO Ginza

2015 TAGBOAT ARTFES Asakusabashi

2016  gallery Art Point new year exhibition Ginza

2016  ARTCOMPLEX Shinjuku

2018 TAGBOAT ARTFES Asakusabashi

2018  gallery art point Life 2018 Ginza

2019  Coffee Senka LOOP "Heisei" Okinawa

2019 Gallery 2+ "Tile Art Exhibition" Nihonbashi

2019  The blank gallery "RAW AND PRIMITIVE2019 TERMTWO" Harajuku

2019  Gallery Conceal "HAPPY" Shibuya

2019  UPSTAIRS GALLERY Arte de aco Group Exhibition "Life with Paintings vol.2" Daikanyama

2020 The blank gallery "RAW AND PRIMITIVE2020TERMTWO"Harajuku

2020  MONSTER EXHIBITION 2020 Shibuya Hikarie 8

2020  Special Exhibition KAZU NAKAGAWA Exhibition  Osaka excube

2021 "The New Normal-Past, Present, and Future-" "Hiromi Ishida x Bonmi" Two-person exhibition Love Gallery Celebration


Solo exhibition history

2018 "Tokyo Genjin" gallery art point

2021 "CUTEST ALIEN" excube Osaka 



2002 Tochigi Prefecture Utsunomiya City Art Festival Encouragement Award, Painting Division

2020 MONSTER EXHIBITION Selected Prize Winner


Posted on site

2020 Actress MEGUMI


+collaborate 1st & 2nd

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